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nice clown makeup, for a clown to wear

My book called "I'm not a war criminal" has people asking questions already answered by my book

these big elaborate graffiti are cool and all but the small blue text above the first one is excellent

I really can't wrap my head around seeing graffiti and thinking it makes a city uglier

how many times do i have to wake up at 7 before my body starts doing it naturally

we need to talk about method man's force feeding fetish


when is goth visibility day

Proliferation of Imamura

gonna be 8am from the second semester on too...

man i'm tired. i hope i can get used to this 9am school schedule

honestly i feel like I'd rather die than sit through all the "hindsight is 2020" jokes that are inevitably gonna happen next year

Mr Trump, I am ari, 6 years old from Uruguay. My family suffers under the excesses of the brutal Tabaré Vázquez regime. Please use your powerful F-35 jet to depose him and return power to our rightful president Luis

love to stay up until 5 coding stupid bullshit with vocaloid blasting into my ears the whole time

pinocchiop kicks ass...

i love leon the professional

catholics pretending to be oppressed is one of the funniest things to me