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hell wife @ari@bigdickisbackintown.futbol

i keep forgetting to put on sunscreen. im gonna die

all the american towns that got made fun of for having shitty comic sans flags keep hiring designers to make new ones and they're better but i still wouldn't call them good. i think they all hired like graphic designers to do it so they look more like brands than civic symbols

this "Ted" guy, he sure talks a lot. zip it for just a second, theodore

one day im gonna see some one tweet some shit like "if you remember homestuck you qualify for a veterans discount" and im gonna jump into the fucking river plate

the other 10% only work without

cienfuegos is the most bad ass last name anyone has had in the past 200 years

"+" is search engine speak for "I meant
what I said bitch"

90% of uruguayan websites only work with www. at the start of the url

can't help being a gemini

how are my teeth still perfectly healthy. i thought that was supposed to stop when adult

ueno-san is a uhhhh interesting show

when is someone gonna come out with a low latency streaming protocol that can play on html5

google show me this guy's balls please

why chrome turning data saver on. im on wifi bitch

the spanish word for hopefully comes from inshallah, i think thats cool

when i post something problematic online

both times I've gone back to soriano I've had allergic sneezing fits the whole time and gotten sick at the end..